Q. How long will it take to get the application pack?

 A. You should receive your application pack within 5 working days.


Q. What do I send in with my application form?

A. The Garda Vetting form and a passport sized photo should accompany the application form if it's for a first licence. Applications for the renewal of a licence need only accompany the form with a passport-sized photo.


Q. Who can I contact if I don’t receive my Application Form?

A. Email licensing@psa.gov.ie quoting your name, PPS number and the address the application is to be sent to. Please wait for 5 days after completing this process before you contact the PSA. If you don’t receive an application pack a new one will be sent to you. The Authority can be contacted by phone at the numbers published on our website at www.psa.gov.ie.


Q. I have submitted my online application form to the PSA. How do I know you have received it?

A.We will send you an email to confirm we have received it.


Q. Is there an expiry date on my application form?

A. Yes. If you don’t submit your application form to the PSA within 30 days of the PSA posting out your application pack the application form will no longer be valid and will be returned to you if submitted.


Q. What options have I got for payment of the license fee?

A. If you are using the online facility you can pay online when you’re entering your details or you can post in payment with your application form.


Q. If I pay online and my application form expires do I have to pay again?

A. Yes. The appropriate fee will apply for a repeat application. The fee paid by you in respect of your lapsed application will be refunded to you only where you apply in writing or by email to the PSA within sixty days of making that payment.


Q. I’ve completed the online process. When will I get my license?

A. Completing the on-line process is the first step in getting your license. This process will mean an application pack will issue to you.


Q. I’ve got my application pack and submitted the forms. How long will it be before I get my license?

A. If this is your second or subsequent licence to apply for, you should have your licence within three to four weeks of the PSA receiving your application form. For all first-time applicants there is a requirement that Garda Vetting be completed before the issue of a licence can be considered. As a result, where eligible, this category of person will have to wait longer before their licence issues.


Q. Can I work in the private security industry while I’m waiting for the PSA to process my application form?

A. If your application is for a renewal of a licence and you have lodged your renewal before the expiry of your current license then you can work while the PSA is processing your application. If the application is a first-time application then you must wait until the license issues before you commence work.


Q. Are my card details secure when making a payment online?

A. To ensure the security of your credit or Laser card information we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. As you access all areas of this site, you will see the padlock in your browser's security display indicating the transfer of all data between your browser and our site has been encrypted.

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Q. Will my personal details be shared with 3rd parties?

A. Access to any personal and financial details given by you relating to your application is strictly controlled and is in accordance with the requirements of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. 

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Q. Anything else I need to know to help me fill out the on-line application?

A. Only put the address you want correspondence to issue to.

If you’re not making an online payment make cheques, postal orders etc payable to The Private Security Authority.